Institute for Public Policy (IPP)

Institute for Public Policy (IPP) is set up to meet the policy and governance challenges and to embrace the abundant opportunities of our time, with policy-oriented and evidence-based research, as well as rigorous and interdisciplinary education. It brings together policy-makers, stakeholders and scholars across disciplines of science, business, engineering, and social science to facilitate policy dialogues on key issues confronting the region, the country and the world. And it prepares the current and future leaders for the ever-changing world.


IPP’s key strengths are Science, technology and innovation, and Environment and sustainability. It also addresses social, economic, geopolitical issues, such as policy implications of artificial intelligence and big data. The Greater Bay Area and the Belt and Road Initiative provide exciting opportunities and new grounds to test their theories and methods.


Three Strategic Goals:

  1. Producing rigorous policy research by fostering collaboration among scholars across disciplines such as science, business, engineering, and social science.
  2. Contributing to policy dialogues on key challenges confronting Hong Kong, the mainland, and the region.
  3. Providing public policy training to current and future generations of leaders.