Public Policy Research in Greater Bay Area

Two public policy projects, supported by the Hong Kong government’s Strategic Public Policy Research Funding Scheme, are seeking to inform development of the Greater Bay Area. Prof. WU Xun, Head of Division of Public Policy is serving as principal investigator of both studies. 


The project, "Trans-regional Air Pollution Control in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area: The Interplay between Science and Policy," aims to take a systematic approach to investigate the interplay between science and public policy on air pollution control in the Greater Bay Area. The first of its kind in Hong Kong and Greater China, the project seeks to improve the understanding on science-policy nexus by explaining how science can better help with informing decision-making in the region. The findings of the project will be of great relevance to policymakers in Hong Kong and China as well as offering insights to improve policy design. 


Another project is "Accelerating the Development of a Global Innovation and Technology Hub in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area: The Roles of Public Research Universities in Hong Kong,", aims to provide a roadmap to guide efforts and strengthen the roles of public research universities in Hong Kong to accelerate the development of a global innovation and technology hub in the Greater Bay Area. By taking a systematic and comparative approach, this project seeks to scrutinize global innovative universities as well as leading innovation and technology hubs, and identify global and regional good practices that are of relevance to Hong Kong.