Prepare for job/internship interview

During interviews for management trainee positions, analyst positions in financial institutions/consultancies (management or environmental), you may be asked motivational, behavioral and situational questions, and those related to current affairs (e.g. Russia invasion of Ukraine).


Apart from Bloomberg, CNN or BBC, you may want to view Wall Street Journal, which is accessible through library database of HKUST).


Practice made perfect, you may practice and receive feedback during online mock interview. Please send an email to me ( or Joanne ( to make an appointment.


ITSC internship important point to note

 ITC_STEM_Key_Features_Guidelines.pdf (


For non-local students,

  • Your NOL received upon entry to Hong Kong should cover the period of 1 June to 31 Aug.
  • If you start the internship earlier than 1 Jun. You have to apply for another NOL (study/curriculum related).  The whole process takes at least 3 weeks. Please plan ahead your time and DO NOT start your internship without this NOL.
  • Please contact your respective program staff first for your application
    • DDP- Yoyo LAU
    • EVMT, AES, ESPM- Sharon CHONG
    • IIM, IIP- Matthew CHIK


For all students,

  • The employer has to pay you monthly or daily salary. No hourly salary is allowed.  The employer has to pay you first and then reimburse from the university.


If you have any question regarding this scheme, please email (


Potential deception case

 Common approach of deception:

  • Claiming that they received your application online earlier, mostly for marketing, administration positions
  • Asking you to attend an interview
  • Asking you to bring along your HKID card, Student ID card
  • Requesting you to pay for training or products for reselling
  • Even you do not have the money, they teach you how to make a loan from ‘financial institutions”, which are usually  “loan sharks” charging extraordinary rate of interest.
  • Asking you to perform “research” and gather info of your classmates, friends including names, contact details



  • If there is collaboration between AIS (or HKUST) with employer, say nomination to its Graduate programs/Internship, we will announce in the email
  • We will NOT gives employers our students’ CVs without giving students prior notice or seeking their prior consent.
  • For DDP students, there will be yearly resume books to limited target employers with whom we have long and trusting relationship. If they are interested in reaching out to you for some graduate job/internship opportunities, they will contact you through us or directly with you. In the latter case, they will explain that they get your CV on the resume book sent from DDP staff.
  • In any case you receive suspicious phone call, remember:
    • Do not disclose your personal information to them (including your HKID number, bank account number & password)
    • Take down details as much as possible (name of caller, company name, job position…)
    • Do not send anything to them (your CV) nor meet the caller/related personnel in-person
    • Contact Vanessa Chan immediately ( or 2358 6955 to discuss and check if this is a deception case