Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC)

AIS programs established the following Student-Staff Liaison Committees to provide a formal channel of communication with students via the class representatives. AIS programs also put in place a range of other feedback mechanisms for seeking student feedback (other than via questionnaires), including individual meetings with students, lunch gatherings, and academic advising meetings. For detailed guidelines for establishing and running SSLC, please click here.

  • SSLC of T&M-DDP
  • SSLC of EVMT
Student Feedback Facility on WWW
Student Feedback Questionnaire (SFQ)
More Surveys


Graduate Employment Survey

The University conducts annual Graduate Employment Survey for all full-time undergraduate and postgraduate graduates every year.

Alumni Survey by AIS Divisions / Programs

At program-level, AIS Programs also conduct alumni surveys to solicit feedback for improvement of programs as well as to collect updates on their current positions. We also seek input from alumni through the alumni associations and keep close contact with alumni through informal channels, such as Facebook.



AIS's Programs collaborate with corporate partners on offering of corporate projects, capstone projects, elective courses, internships, career seminars and mentorship program. Being potential employers of our students, the corporate partners have been sharing valuable comments with Divisions / Programs on performance of our students and graduates.


AIS also appoints experienced industry professionals as adjunct faculty to offer courses, participate in program activities and give first-hand feedback to our students. This enrichment component provides a unique educational experience well aligned with the industrial needs. AIS's Divisions / Programs also invite industrial professionals to serve as our advisory committee members, who provide independent expert advice on interdisciplinary curriculum, research strategic directions and overall objectives.

Handling Feedback

All feedback data collected will be handled with strict confidence. The feedback data will be sent to individual instructors, Division Heads, Program Directors, Dean of AIS and/or program offices as appropriate and reviewed by UG / PG / Program Committees as necessary. Appropriate improvement actions will be taken to address to the concerns raised. Divisions / Programs will inform the stakeholders of Division's / Program's response to the feedback, follow up on the implementation of action items and review the effectiveness of actions taken.