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Unlocking Endless Possibilities at T&M-DDP

“As a recent graduate of the Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management (T&M-DDP), I can honestly say that the experience gained from studying two diverse disciplines - Mechanical Engineering and General Business Management - had been complementing each other in a positive way. T&M-DDP has created a wealth of possibilities for my career path, making the five-year study journey highly rewarding,” said Michael KWOK (Class of 2023), who now works as a Management Trainee at the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA).


Michael's curiosity was his driving force behind pursuing two degrees. “When I started at HKUST, I had a wide range of interests and wanted to explore different subjects. I believed that university life is a period of self-discovery before I could figure out my future career path,” Michael explained. “Once I learned that T&M-DDP allows students to study two completely different fields simultaneously, I decided to transfer into the program in my second year.”


Michael spoke highly of the TEMG4950 Corporate Consulting Project course run by T&M-DDP: “In this course, we have the opportunity to solve the real-world business challenges faced by the corporate sponsors using advanced technology and business strategies. I participated in the course sponsored by an international engineering consulting firm during Year 2. We didn't just focus on the technical side, but also looked at the viability of the overall business model.” Michael was able to apply what he had learnt in the classroom in a practical way, even communicating directly with the company's management team. This experience allowed him to gain firsthand insight into the real business world and seamlessly integrate his academic knowledge from both engineering and business studies.


Another treasure T&M-DDP brings to Michael is interpersonal relationship. Thanks to the program's interdisciplinary nature, Michael met students from diverse academic backgrounds. In addition, around 30% of T&M-DDP students are non-local. This exposure allowed Michael to gain unique perspectives, as he explains: "Despite our different nationalities and academic focuses, we all shared a common vision for the future. Our discussions were really inspiring as we learned from each other's viewpoints."


Frequent alumni engagement also provided Michael with valuable industry insights and clarity on his career path. “Over the past two decades, DDP has funnelled talents into all walks of life. Alumni have maintained a close tie with us and frequently visited the campus for experience sharing. Whenever I want  profound insight into an industry or company, there is always an alumnus who can impart the knowledge. This has helped me develop a solid understanding of different sectors and identify my own career path."


Looking back at T&M-DDP that has shaped his growth, he considered it a fulfilling five-year journey: “T&M-DDP is perfect for students with diverse interests. Under its broadly-spanning curriculum, students are allowed to explore interdisciplinary knowledge. It is definitely worth spending five years to complete two degrees and open up a world of unlimited possibilities!”


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