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Looking for an edge in HK’s post-Uni employment market? Our Dual Degree Program is just the job


Having freshly qualified with dual degrees in Computer Engineering and General Business Management, Laurence NG, Class of 2022, recently secured a job as Software Engineer at J.P. Morgan after a successful internship with the company in summer 2021. He had previously expanded his theoretical knowledge by gaining practical experience with Accenture, WeLab and Set Sail Software.


When Laurence began his Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management at HKUST, he resolved to make the best possible use of the opportunities it offered him. One of the most rewarding aspects of studying for a dual degree was that it offered Laurence the freedom to contribute to related activities that he is interested in. Laurence volunteered as an  Industrial Fellowship Student Co-organizer of the Interdiscplinary Programs Office (IPO) to gain exposure and expand his network. Specific examples of these activities included various soft skill training workshops he helped plan, arrange and host with other IPO Industrial Fellows. In doing so, Laurence was able to accumulate a store of invaluable industry insights and career advice from experts in key fields such as law and environmental engineering/consulting.


Determined to become the sort of multi-dimensional candidate Hong Kong’s increasingly competitive job market is crying out for, Laurence eagerly pursued challenges well outside his comfort zone. He also enthusiastically teamed up with his classmates and competed in various hackathons. The rewards and recognitions Laurence received for these extra-curricular efforts more than justified the hard work involved. Having scored full marks in 15 of the competition’s 20 programming challenges in just 24 hours, he is especially proud of his team’s first runner-up place in Credit Suisse’s 2020 CodeIT initiative. He and his teammates achieved the same ranking in the 2020 Jane Street Electronic Trading Challenges’ Champion of the Final Hour League competition.


As outright winners of the AI & FinTech theme at Hong Kong Techathon 2022, Laurence’s team was awarded HK$10,000 in seed funding to help them actualize their idea for applying AI technology in private tuition. To obtain the further funding needed to take the project to the next stage, Laurence’s team  has also now entered several other tech-related business competitions.


Technology and Management Professional Activities (TEMG) courses were another aspect of HKUST’s dual degree program that Laurence found to be hugely beneficial.  He credits a 10-day startup idea pitching competition with measurably advancing his design thinking and hands-on consultation skills. Laurence was able to add still more strings to his bow after working on tech projects sponsored by UBS Hong Kong & Zurich. In addition to sharpening his coding skills, these involvements taught him the importance of self-learning and collaboration with colleagues. The connections Laurence was able to establish with UBS engineers, VPs and executives later proved to be a big help in opening doors when he was attempting to secure internships. HKUST’s extensive Seniors and Alumni network also proved their worth by providing him with career guidance and referrals for internships and graduate entry-level jobs.


“I am so happy I was selected for HKUST’s dual degree program because of the unrivalled array of career possibilities its emphasis on practical experience has opened up for me. In addition to being encouraged to exchange ideas with classmates and faculty members from diverse backgrounds, I’ve also benefited from the insightful mentorship of alumni and industry experts within the dual degree community. I would highly recommend this program to students who are passionate about both technology and business.”

Internship & Career