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HKUST Clean Air Challenge Awards Ceremony
Prof. Jimmy FUNG, Associate Provost (Teaching & Learning) at HKUST and Associate Director of IENV (right) took a photo with the awardees.
Prof. Jimmy FUNG, Associate Provost (Teaching & Learning) at HKUST and Associate Director of IENV (right) took a photo with the awardees.


Institute for the Environment (IENV) of HKUST has joined hands with the Clean Air Network (CAN) in the Clean Air Challenge with the support of The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Hong Kong. The Challenge aims to raise environmental health literacy on air quality, as well as to nurture young talents to anticipate innovative solutions for air pollution problems through knowledge/skillset-transfer events/workshops. The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Hong Kong is the primary sponsor of the event.


Air pollution remains one of the biggest threats to the environment: it affects our health and lifestyle and increases economic and social burdens. Hosted today at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study / Lo Ka Chung Building, The Clean Air Challenge Awards Ceremony is helmed by a panel of esteemed environmentalists and technology experts, who’ve selected 19 secondary school winners of the Hardware, E-Solution and Social & Arts award categories, among others.


Pui Tak Canossian College took home the Gold and the Best Impact award for the Hardware category. Holy Trinity College, Hong Kong and Shau Kei Wan Government Secondary School, meanwhile, took home the Gold for the E-Solution and Social & Arts categories respectively. Finally, Diocesan Girls' School was crowned Silver and Best Quality award winner for the Social & Arts category. 


Prof. Jimmy FUNG, Associate Provost (Teaching & Learning) at HKUST and Associate Director of IENV says, “The pandemic has not hindered teachers and students’ creativity. In this competition, students have shown immense devotion to improving both indoor and outdoor air quality of their community. We were thoroughly impressed by their innovative solutions in reducing air pollution through science and creativity. Looking into the future, we hope to host similar events to nurture more talents in the field so Hong Kong can truly become a sustainable city.” 


Began in October 2021, The Clean Air Challenge invited secondary school students across Hong Kong to a myriad knowledge/skillset-transfer events/workshops organised by IENV. These include DIY Workshops, Online Tutorials and Experts’ Talks that inspire and educate students on the issue of air pollution, its consequences as well as ways to improve the situation. Professors and industry personnel offered their take on the issue from various perspectives. Students also enjoyed first-hand experiences on crafting simple testing kits, collecting air pollutant samples and analysing results so to further the dialogue and deepen their understanding of technology application in the field. The event hopes to relay knowledge and methods while inspiring young minds to put on their thinking caps so they will continue to contribute to the research and development of sustainability even after the competition.

The Awards Ceremony will also feature works and research findings of 16 teams in 3 categories so fellow students can learn from each other!


Chief Executive Officer of CAN, Patrick FUNG, says, “We are grateful HKUST hosted this competition. The submissions were all creative yet practical means to sustainable development and reducing air pollution – testament to students’ dedication to improving the air they breathe and their curiosity to learn more. This is more than a STEM competition, instead it has put the issue of air pollution into the spotlight and has made these young thinkers more in tuned with the environment. We hope to see more creative solutions from students as we continue to transform Hong Kong into a city of clean air.”


About HKUST Institute for the Environment:

HKUST Institute for the Environment is an interdisciplinary research institute that promotes and conducts research aiming at improving the environment of Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta (Greater Bay Area), and beyond. We collaborate with a variety of stakeholders, including academic, industrial and environmental non-governmental partners. We will continue to stretch our collaborative efforts and build cross-border synergies with mainland institutions for a greener and healthier Greater Bay Area.


About Clean Air Network:

Clean Air Network (CAN) upholds the vision to clean up Hong Kong’s air. To achieve this vision, CAN is dedicated to driving policy and behavioral change to improve Hong Kong’s air quality. Without losing sight on air pollution from regional activities, marine vessels and power plants, our current primary focus is on roadside pollution and indoor air impact.


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Prof. Jimmy FUNG, Associate Provost (Teaching & Learning) at HKUST and Associate Director of IENV (right) took a photo with the awardees.
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