Institute for the Environment (IENV) 

Institute for the Environment (IENV) is an interdisciplinary research institute of HKUST that promotes and conducts research aimed at improving the environment of Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta (Greater Bay Area), and beyond.  It strives to be a world-class interdisciplinary institute for environmental research, education, and training that provides a leadership role in Hong Kong and the region with significant impact on society through (1) High-quality scientific studies and collaborating with top-tier researcher; (2) Strategic research and demonstration projects; (3) Stakeholder engagement, collaborations and facilitating evidence-based decision-making process; and (4) Academic and non-academic publications.


IENV has a solid track record in conducting air quality related studies in Hong Kong and the region. Collaborating with a variety of stakeholders, including academic, industrial and environmental non-governmental partners, IENV’s research findings have been adopted in many different ways in the policy making process both locally and regionally. It will continue to stretch their collaborative efforts and build cross-border synergies with mainland institutions for a greener and healthier Greater Bay Area.